Culture Camp 2011

This year, from July 18th through July 30th, we held our 12th annual Culture Camp.  There were a total of 81 students this year from grades Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.  Forty-four students in grades fifth through twelfth grade attended Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00 of both weeks.  Thirty-seven students from grades Kindergarten through fourth grade were split in three groups and each group attended for two to three hours a day Monday through Friday of both weeks.

We also had evening classes for adults from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday of each week.  A total of 27 adults attended various classes and completed projects.

This year there were 12 instructors, a cook and cook assistant, a janitor and the Camp Director on staff.  Also the QT Tribe donated Lisa Barnes's time to work at camp from 9:00 - 5:00 and their admin staff members helped with camp.  EATS also donated Marcy DeCosta, Melissa Alford, Norma Mason, and Maryann Mobeck's time to help out at camp.  Lorna Osterback, who works for A/PIA, also came and worked at camp. 

Lisa Matlock and Ingrid Harrald, the Fish and Wildlife Instructors from Homer, brought two students with them this year, Ithaca Sorensen and Traven Apiki.  They worked along with two of our students, Alania Kuchenoff and Jewel Jackson.  They taught the rest of the students about tide pooling, using cameras, catching bugs and butterflies, using GPS locators, and dissecting salmon and other fish.

Peter Devine, the Aleut Bentwood Hat making Instructor, started a total of 24 new hats with 16 completely finished this year.  The rest will be completed next year.  Peter also donated a hat to the art auction this year.

Sally Swetzof, the Regalia and Language teacher, started 10 new regalia's this year.  Those 10 were completed and 3 were completed from last year with a total of 13 newly completed regalia this year.  Sally also taught language and Aleut nursery rhymes to the 37 Kindergarten through forth grade students.  Sally also donated a full crown headdress for the art auction this year.

Shalene Jackson, the instructor for making of Bering Sea Headdresses, started 16 new headdresses this year and all 16 were completed.  Shalene also donated a headdress for the art auction this year.

Mike Livingston, the Bidarka Instructor, started 20 model bidarkas with about 10 completed.  The rest will be completed next year.  Mike also took pictures and videos for camp.  He also donated a model bidarka for the art auction.

Karis Jackson, the full crown headdress and dance instructor, started 11 new full crown headdresses this year with 8 completed and 3 to be finished next year.

Crystal Duskin and Karis taught dance to 63 students this year.  They also created and taught two new songs for Sand Point.  There were four different dance groups performing at the potluck and dance presentation this year. 

Wolfgang Brinck and John Petersen were the life size bidarka instructors this year.  They made a Unagan style bidarka that most students got to try out at the launch.

Meryle Carlson taught different styles of beading this year to students and adults with about 60 completed pieces of jewelry and key rings.  Meryle donated 20 new items for the art auction this year.

Lelani Hamik taught arts and crafts and was the classroom teacher for grades K-4.  Lisa Barnes with QTT was the classroom helper.  They both did a wonderful job.

Jamal Berntsen was the head cook and Anne Morris was the assistant cook.  Jamal cooked breakfast and dinner.  Both Jamal and Anne cooked lunch for all students in grades 5-12, instructors and adult volunteers.  There were about 65 people for lunch each day.  They also prepared snacks for about 80 people twice a day.  Dinner was prepared for all instructors as well.  Parents prepared salads and desserts to supplement the dinner service.

This year we had four teachers from Anchorage who are with the Rose Rural Human Services program.  They came to observe and participate in cultural activities during camp. 

Camp was very full and productive this year.  On the last day of camp we had a bidarka launch ceremony at the Spit Beach.  The dance instructors and dancers drummed and did a performance while Nora Newman blessed the bidarkas.  John and Wolfgang then did a demonstration on the proper way of getting in the bidarkas and gave paddling instructions.  Students and instructors all got to try out the new bidarka.  There were about 100 people who attended this ceremony. 

On Saturday there was the closing potluck, dance production and art auction.  165 community members attended and enjoyed the good food, dancing and art auction.

I would like to thank all of the entities that donated to the 2011 Culture Camp and the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe for hosting the camp each year.  We would not be able to have such a wonderful culture camp each year without the community support and support of all the different entities that help out.

- Carla Chebetnoy, Sand Point Culture Camp Coordinator/Director

All age groups Monday through Friday

Kindergarten:  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
1st and 2nd Grade:  3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
3rd and 4th Grade:  9:00 am to Noon
5th through 12th Grade:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
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