The 2022 Annual Election for the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe will be held on October 4, 2022.  This year we have 2 Tribal Council positions which need to be filled: Tribal Council Seat F, Tribal Council Seat G. This year there is also 1 Tribal Court position which needs to be filled: Associate Judge. Each position has 3 year terms.

Every year the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe holds its annual election to fill two or three of the Tribal Council member seats, and sometimes a tribal judge position. 

Candidates running for Tribal Council must:

  • Be a member of the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe
  • Be 18 years or older
  • A resident of Sand Point for 1 year prior to the date of election


Candidates running for Tribal Court must:

  • Be honorable, respectable tribal citizens who reside in Sand Point
  • Are 25 years of age or older
  • Have not been convicted of any type of Felony involving moral turpitude, conduct which is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals.

 How do I register to vote?

If you are 18 years old, an enrolled citizen of the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe, and have been a resident of Sand Point for (1) year preceding the election you are eligible to vote.  The Tribe has a form you need to fill out to register to vote.  Please complete the voters registration form, and turn it into the tribe prior to September 8, 2021 to be eligible to vote in the 2021 election. Please check the eligible voters list posted 32 days prior to the election to ensure your name is on it.  If you cannot locate your name, and believe you are eligible to vote, please contact the tribal office within 5 days.

 How do I vote absentee?

Voters desiring to vote by absentee ballot must:

  1. Obtain an absentee ballot at the Tribal Office by written request or in person.  The request shall be no later than noon the day before the election.
  2. The ballot will be identical to the type prepared for voters voting in person during the election
  3. After voting the voter will fold the ballot to conceal its contents.  Absentee ballots for the Election must be received at the tribal office no later than noon the day before the election. 

 Where do I vote?

The location for the 2022 Qagan Tayagungin Tribal election is the Municipal Building in Sand Point from 8:00 am October 4th through 8:00 pm October 4th on the 2nd floor.

 Election Ordinance

The most recent election ordinance was adopted by the Qagan Tayagungin Tribal Council August 16, 2011.

 Election Judges Needed

During our general election, we need three election Judges to staff our polling location.  Election Judges are paid officials who staff our local polling place to ensure the rights of voters are protected on Election Day.

Election Judges are essential to our tribe.  Serving as an election judge provides an opportunity to learn more about the election process and is a great service to our tribe. 

Official Duties:
On the Day of the election you may be expected to:
  • setup the polling place
  • direct voters to the correct line
  • verify all eligible voters
  • demonstrate how to vote
  • distribute ballots to voters
  • assist voters
  • Close down polling place following voting
  • Determine results after polls are closed
Required Qualifications:
To serve as an election judge you must:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • be an Alaskan Resident
  • not have had your voting rights revoked
  • be of good repute and character
  • be skilled in the four fundamental rules of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication)
  • read, write and speak English

You cannot be:

  • The spouse, parent, child, or sibling of another election judge serving at the polling location.
  • The candidate or the spouse, parent, child or sibling of any candidate on the ballot.
Preferred Qualifications
Ideally, election judges are able to:
  • Communicate clearly with voters
  • Be available to work long hours
  • Handle stressful situations calmly
  • Demonstrate attention to detail
No person, including Election Judges, shall solicit, secure, or influence voters by any means at the polling place or surrounding grounds, during voting hours. 

The Qagan Tayagungin Tribe provides election judges $200.00 for working election day. 

Judges are expected to report to the polling place by 7:45 am election morning and be prepared to remain in the polling place for approximately one hour after the 8:00 pm close of the polls. 

How to Apply:
You may apply to be an election judge by:
  • Completing the application in the brochure below and mailing it to the tribal office.
  • Completing our online application
  • Calling the Tribal office at 907-383-5616 and speaking to the Executive Director

 Who should I contact with further questions?

For further questions regarding voting in the Qagan Tayagungin Tribal election contact the Tribal Office at 907-383-5616.