Reclaim Alaska

A group of citizen came together with a purpose, with a goal, to have the healthiest community possible.  So what do we call ourselves we asked, and the question was raised, what do you want to do?  "Take back our community from the drug dealers!"

And so, Reclaim Alaska was born.

What is Reclaim Alaska you may ask?  It's ordinary community members who are sick and tired of watching our community, both local and at a state level, surrender to drug abuse, and the social ills which accompany drug abuse.  We've had enough.  This is the official notice to the drug dealers, you are no longer welcome, we are going to do everything in our power to take our community back, and restore it to wellness.

On the agenda:  SWAMC Conference Recap, update on the Community Action Plan developed in September (Re-entry house, resource mail out, diversion agreement with district attorney, job opportunities, youth court), Kodiak Rural Forum, Volunteers, and Healthy activities.  

We have started developing smaller specialized groups, the Legislative group which will be working on contacting our Senators, Representatives, and anyone else who will listen on the goals of the this group, and changes in policy which could help.  If you're interested in being a part of this group, contact Reclaim Alaska, and we'll add you to the mailing list!


It started off as a simple community gathering, and has taken on its own life and evolved into something more.  We've identified a major problem in our community, drugs.  We've identified possible solutions.  We've also identified priorities as a group we'd like to work on.  Here is a little synopsis of how we got here.

Community Support

Entities throughout the region are formally recognizing the problems our communities and state are facing in regards to illegal drugs; and voicing their resolve to support efforts to address them, and work towards making Alaska a healthier place to live!  We'll highlight here those entities efforts.


During the second Healthy Community talking circle, the group identified two priorities it would like to focus its energies on:  more healthy activities, and a half-way house individuals returning from rehab can utilize. 

Possible Solutions

During the second Healthy Community meeting, we asked participants to brainstorm possible solutions to help Sand Point move towards being a healthier community. 

Things we can do

Part of our discussions included, what are some things we as individuals, or entities, can do to move this movement forward.

Reclaim Alaska Makes the News

As Reclaim Alaska gains momentum, we're hoping the progress we make in Sand Point gains visibility throughout the State of Alaska and other communities will join the band wagon and start taking back their communities as well!

Healthy Activities

One of the priorities identified by Restore Alaska was providing for more opportunities in the community to participate in healthy activities. 

Need Help?

Are you looking for resources to help yourself or a loved one make some positive changes in your life?  We'll list some possible resources you may want to consider here.