During the second Healthy Community talking circle, the group identified two priorities it would like to focus its energies on.  We took a little bit of time to expand on what these priorities might look like, and what some activities might be to help us move forward with pursuing them.

We also identified the need to brand this movement towards becoming a healthy community.  An example of successful branding in the state was the Choose Respect initiative of the Governors.  When discussing what we wanted to do as a group, someone stated, "take our community back from the drug dealers!", and so Reclaim Alaska was born.   

Halfway House Healthy Activities
Transitional Place, After rehab safe place Drug Education for the Community
House/Extra rooms, able to take someone in Outdoor activities
Database of what is currently available Skills list (people who can)
Possible location available Work with Mike and the Interior Aleutian Campus
Work/budgeting Cultural Activities
Tribal Consortium (reunification) Tribal Consortium
National Program/loan to purchase transitional home/run by participating individuals (follow up with Tina Woods) Boating/Hiking
Alaska Mental Health Trust looking for communities doing something right (Recover Alaska) Social Gathering (unstructured)
Steve experience with half way houses  
Place to get feet on the ground  
AHA - Essential member of the community housing