It started off as a simple community gathering, and has taken on its own life and evolved into something more.  On September 10th, 2013, the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe, Pauloff Harbor Tribe, Unga Tribe, and Aleutian Pribilof Island Association sponsored a talking circle for the community members of Sand Point.  The point of this talking circle was to discuss what either made Sand Point a healthy community, or was preventing Sand Point from becoming a healthy community.  The intention was for the community to lead where it wanted the conversation to go, and it did.

Not wanting to lose some of the momentum the community was hoping to build, a second talking circle was held on September 25th.  The original talking circle helped to identify some of the issues in Sand Point preventing us from being the healthiest community we can be.  The purpose of the second talking circle was to start talking about solutions to some of the problems, and identifying actions individuals and entities could take to help Sand Point work towards becoming a healthier community.

During the second talking circle the group decided, while the talking circle was an excellent format for having the emotional and honest discussions needed to lay the issues on the table, to move forward, we needed to evolve.  We needed the discussions the group was now having to be spread throughout the community.  We need more involvement, we don't need a group to just discuss problems, we need a movement to inspire change! 

So where are we now.  We've identified a major problem in our community, drugs.  We've identified possible solutions, more healthy activities, treatment centers, support groups, and more.  We've also identified priorities as a group we'd like to work on: more healthy activities, and a half-way house for people re-entering the community after rehab.  We've also created a brand for ourselves, Reclaim Alaska.   If you want to be part of a movement to help Sand Point, and eventually the whole state become the healthiest community possible, if you're tired of hearing people talk about problems, and neglect to talk about solutions, come and join us!  Everyone is welcome.