Reclaim Day at the School

The second Reclaim Alaska day was held at the Sand Point School Thursday March 27, 2014 from 1:00 to 3:00.  Austin Roof, the community member who shared his testimonial at the first Reclaim Alaska Day welcomed the crowd to the School.  Mr. Balangue, the music teacher a small musical ensemble while Marieana Larsen and Dantezza Pangilinan sang the Star Spangled Banner.

The Principal of the school did a presentation with the assistance of staff and students as 'human videos' on the cost of being kind, and the cost of being a bully, it only takes once to be addicted, what zero tolerance is, and being responsible when people ask you to do something illegal.  After this presentation, the elementary children were excused to participate in more Children Choosing Kindness activities. 

In the gym, with the upper elementary, jr. high, high school and adults, Tiffany Jackson gave a presentation on Reclaim Alaska's participation in the Rural Drug trafficking information hearing held by the Alaska Rural Bush Caucus on March 18th.  The Sand Point Police Department were unfortunately unable to participate as they busy on official business. 

The afternoon's session ended with representatives from the 12th, 11th, 9th, and 8th grade classes answering questions pertaining to what youth can do to improve student attendance, student self responsibility, what a healthy Sand Point look like, what we can do to build a healthy Sand Point, what youth can do to make this happen, and more!  These students rocked the house, and were overwhelmingly connected more with the audience than all the adults presenting.  They asked for more follow through with consequences.  They asked to be held accountable and not be given second, third, and fourth chances when they mess up.  They asked to be engaged more, to spend more time with their families, and more time with their friends.  They encouraged their peers to make healthy choices, because they're better than substance abuse.  They asked for guidance councilors to assist them.  They asked for someone to call, like a hotline, in case their parents were not available. 

Over all, it was a successful event at the Sand Point School, and Reclaim Alaska was happy we were able to help facilitate it. 

Reclaim Alaska held an event at the Sand Point School on January 24, 2014.  The schedule included a testimonial from Austin Roof, a presentation by the Sand Point Police Department, and Eastern Aleutian Tribes.  We also had a panel of community leaders, facilitated by the Student Council President, a performance by the cheerleaders, "What I like about my community" from the elementary, and a wrap up by the Aleutians East Borough Mayor. The afternoon program ran from 1:00 to 3:00, then everyone returned to the school at 5:30 for a community potluck, and pack the gym basketball games between the Sand Point Eagles and King Cove T-Jacks where admission was free!

All community members were invited to participate in this event.  We recognize, this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of our war against drugs in our community.  There will be more events held at the school in the future.  We'll need volunteers to assist with putting on these future events, there will be more opportunities to participate in setting up, presenting/facilitating, and interacting with the youth.  If you're interested in helping in the future, please be sure to attend the next Reclaim Alaska meeting, and keep an eye here for updates.

Everyone was welcome and encouraged to come!
We encouraged all the businesses in town to allow their employees to come and attend this community gathering from 1:00 to 3:00 as a part of their work day.  We'd really like to see as many people attend as possible to support our youth and the health of our community at the events to come. 

A Special Thank You!
We'd like to extend a special thank you to all the individuals and groups who made the even on January 24, 2014 possible:

  • Principal Ralph Lindquist
  • Superintendent Doug Conboy
  • Head Start Teacher Rayette McGlashan
  • Police Chief John Lucking
  • Officer Spencer
  • Officer Livingston
  • Nurse Practitioner Susan Williams
  • Carmen Dushkin
  • Marcy DeCosta
  • Stephani Villayrath
  • Student Council President Colton Mack
  • Shumagin Corporation President Glen Gardner Jr.
  • QTT President David O. Osterback
  • Mayor of Sand Point Martin Gundersen
  • Mayor of the Aleutians East Borough Stanley Mack
  • Doug Johnson
  • Mike Seiler
  • Tina Anderson
  • Cherilyn Lundgren
  • Leila Lindquist
  • Carolyn Nielsen
  • Mary Ann Mobeck
  • Aleutia
  • Sand Point Student Council
  • Everyone else who helped pitch in and make this event a success!