Boat Harbor Road

The Qagan Tayagungin Tribe has entered into a 638 self determination contract with the United States of America, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs for administration, survey, design, rights-of-way, archaeology, environmental, construction and construction engineering of the Boat Harbor Road.

The survey, design, archaeology, and environmental work on this project have been completed.  The rights-of-way from the Shumagin Corporation has been applied for and received, and the rights-of-way for the State of Alaska has been applied for, and is on hold pending the hiring of a contractor for construction.

The Qagan Tayagungin Tribe is partnering with the Unga Tribe to fund this project.  We've also working with the City of Sand Point and the Bureau of Indian Affairs regarding utilization of cost savings on another contract with the BIA to be put towards this project.  Once full funding has been secured, the Tribe will move forward with a request for proposals on the paving of this road.

Contract Number:  A09AV00097