Energy Assistance

Please note:  APIA is out of Energy Assistance funding.  The Energy Assistance program will be continued upon receipt of funds for FY 2014 (anticipated: October 1, 2013)

Provided to individuals / families who’s home and/or personal possessions are either destroyed or damaged through forces beyond their control, such as in a fire. Assistance payments are for basic non-medical essential needs of food, clothing, shelter and utilities.

To be eligible, you must:
  • Have suffered from a burnout, flood, or other natural disasters that have cause destruction of your home and loss or damage to personal possessions.
  • Be enrolled or eligible to be enrolled in an Alaska Native/American Indian Tribe.
  • Be living in the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Region.
  • Other resources, including the Red Cross need to be exhausted.
  • Complete the APIA Emergency Assistance application process.
ETR Division Coordinator:  
Kathryn Duder
Phone: 907-222-4242

Local Contact- Human Services Specialist:  
Patricia Curtis
Phone: 907-383-2742
Application APIA Application for Energy Assistance