Who's Not Eligible to Play?

Agate Pulltabs is a charitable gaming business operated under the State of Alaska's gaming statutes.  As such, there are a number of people who are ineligible to play. 

The statutes read as follows:

15 AAC 160.470(k) – Who’s allowed to play pull tabs
(k) A permittee, operator, or registered vendor may not sell pull-tabs to an employee, an officer, a director, a member in charge, an alternate member in charge, a manager of gaming, a person who has access to pull-tab game information or accounting records, or a related party. For purposes of this subsection, a related party includes a direct relative or an affiliate of a person regulated by this chapter.”

15 AAC 160.995(5)
direct relative” means the individual’s spouse or spousal equivalent, parent, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother, sister, child, or stepchild;

  • All Qagan Tayagungin employees are not allowed to play pull tabs
    • Tiffany Jackson
    • Beverly Rosete
    • Carmen Holmberg
    • Logan Thompson
    • Heidi Jacobsen
    • Peyton Kuzakin
    • Cynthina Innocenti
  • All Qagan Tayagungin board members are not allowed to play pull tabs
    • David Osterback
    • Carla Chebetnoy
    • Alvin Osterback Jr.
    • Peter Devine
    • Glen Gardner
    • Dennis Gundersen
    • Jason Bjornstad
  • All Qagan Tayagungin Judges are not allowed to play pull tabs
    • Ingrid Cumberlidge
    • Mikal McGlashan
    • Gloria Gronholdt
    • Brandon Gundersen
  • All direct relatives of gaming staff, and members in charge are not allowed to play pull tabs
    • Current Gaming Staff
      • Carmen Holmberg
      • Beverly Rosete
      • Tiffany Jackson
      • Logan Thompson
      • Heidi Jacobsen
    • Members in Charge
      • Carmen Holmberg
      • Tiffany Jackson
  • Previous Gaming Staff and their direct relatives (until all the games open when they worked are closed)
    • None at the moment