Sponsor the Imagination Library!

The Qagan Tayagungin Tribe is happy to continue working in partnership with Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting to bring Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to Sand Point.  This wonderful program provides one free age appropriate book to each registered child age 0-5 years old living in Sand Point.  In the two months we've been operating, we've been able to enroll 93% of eligible children in Sand Point in this program!

We're asking you now to consider supporting this great program!

Research has shown that the single most important thing that a parent can do to help their child acquire language, prepare their child for school, and instill a love of learning in their child, is to read to them (Russ et al., 2007).  We invite you to help support the development of literacy and love for reading in the youth of Sand Point through support of this program.  Please consider adopting a month to support this program.  An investment of $110.00 will provide one book to each enrolled child for 1 month.  For the month you adopt, each book delivered to the youth of Sand Point will say Thank you to our sponsor, Your Name or Business.

While we’d love for each month to have its own sponsor, but we would greatly appreciate any donation you could make to support this program.  Donation checks can be made out to the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe, with Imagination Library in the memo.

The pledge sheet document is below, if you're interested in donating and supporting this program, please complete this, and return it with your donation to the Tribe.  Any questions can be directed to Tiffany Jackson at 907-383-5616.

Russ, S., Perez, V., Garro, N., Klass, P., Kuo, A., Gershun, M., Halfon, N., and Zucherman, B.  (2007). Reading across the nation: A chartbook. Retrieved from http://www.reachoutandread.org/parents/readingaloud/readingaloud.aspx