Soliciting For Interest: Homeownership Interest in a Single - Family Home

The Aleutian Housing Authority is soliciting for interest in home ownership in a single-family home available for occupancy in Sand Point.

This home is made available only to a low-income, Alaska Native or American Indian family and is ready for occupancy. You must be willing and able to enter into a potential bank loan / sales agreement for home ownership. Please submit an Application for Admission form available at your local Tribal Offices , at the Aleutian Housing Authority website:, and below.

Please send this completed application form, with appropriate documentation to Aleutian Housing Authority on or before August 3rd, 2011, by either:

        Mail:            520 E. 32nd Avenue
                    Anchorage, AK 99503

        Fax:            1-907-644-6686


This information will enable Aleutian Housing Authority to compile a list of families interested in the homes for selection purposes. Each application will be ranked based on a Selection Rating point structure. In the event of a tie, the application that was received first will have priority.

If you have questions please feel free to contact Aleutian Housing Authority by the email listed above, or by calling 1-800-478-5614.

2011 Income Limits:
Family of 1:  $39,300
Family of 2:  $44,900
Family of 3:  $50,500
Family of 4:  $56,100
Family of 5:  $60,600
Family of 6:  $65,100
Family of 7:  $69,600
Family of 8:  $74,100