2011 Earth Day Fair A Success!

Due to the timing of Easter and Sand Point's the Janice Shuravaloff Easter Egg Hunt, the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe decided to post pone our Earth Day fair one week to April 30, 2011.  The Annual Earth Day Fair ran from noon until 2:30 at the Qagan Tayagungin Community Center April 30, 2011.  To kick off the fair we held a green walk starting at 11:00 am and had 18 participants walk with us from the community center, down the road to in between Mr. Suh's shop and the Post Office picking up garbage as we went.  Staff was going to pick up the garbage bags collected following the fair, but some one in the community picked up all the garbage bags before we got to them!  We would love to thank whom ever did this for contributing to the success of the 2011 Earth Day Fair.  If you were the one to help collect the garbage bags, or know who did, please contact the QTT office.

The rest of the festivities for the Earth Day Fair were held in the QTT Community Center.  We had a number of relay races including a three legged race, a bouy hop, a wheel barrel race, and a potato sack race for kids and adults of all ages.  We had milk carton bowling, toss the can in the bucket, and a pop can tab drop game.  We also provided a number of environmentally relevant coloring and activity pages for families to work on.  Juanita Smith volunteered her gardening skills to help kids who wanted to plant vegetables or flowers get started at the earth day fair, and Eastern Aleutian Tribes had a table providing attendees with information on diabetes prevention, and dental health. 

During the fair we also had a number of resources available for attendees to take.  We provided  our April 2011 newsletter, a wood stove brochure, a reduce reuse recycle brochure, information from the CDC on radiation emergencies, a radiation dose chart, and a hand out on information about radiation and wild food safety here in Alaska.  If you were unable to attend the fair, or would like a copy of some of these resources, please feel free to contact the QTT office and we'll get them to you.

To wrap up the afternoon, we took some time to recognize the winner of our 2011 Earth Day Theme Contest, Payton Stroud, 5th Grader from Sand Point.  Her theme, "Every Day is Earth Day! Hand in Hand We Will Save the World" was chosen by the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe to represent what we wanted the community to take away from attending the Earth Day Fair 2011.  Congratulations, and thank you to Payton for her wonderful theme. 

All in all, the fair was a great success.  In addition to the 18 green walk participants, we had over 65 participants in other fair activities.  The community was educated in environmentally relevant issues, had fun playing games, and won some great prizes. 

We do want to thank the following entities to donated to the Earth Day Fair 2011 to help make it such a great success:
  • The Aleutian Pribilof Island Association
  • The City of Sand Point
  • The Aleut Corporation
  • The Shumagin Corporation
  • The Kopper Compass B&B
  • Telalaska
  • Juanita Smith
Without the generous donations of all these businesses and individuals, Earth Day Fair 2011 wouldn't have been the great success it was.  Thank you again for your support, and thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help setup for the fair, work the fair, and clean up after the fair.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.