Health Community Meeting

In September of 2013, community members from all around Sand Point came together to start discussing what makes Sand Point a healthy community, and what is preventing us from being a healthy community.  During this emotional initial meeting, definite issues were identified.  In a second meeting, the group came together, with new comers, to start discussing potential solutions and actions the community can take to work towards becoming a healthy community.

While the talking circle format was really useful for the first two meetings where emotions were running high and people were very candid and open identifying what we as a community need to work on, we've decided we need to start migrating to more of an open work group rather than a talking circle so the issues and solutions we come up with can be shared with everyone. 

I'll be sharing the priorities and potential solutions identified on our website soon.  In the mean time, come one, come all to the third Healthy Community meeting where individual community members, and organization can come together and figure our how working together will get us to a healthier tomorrow.

Healthy Community Meeting
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
6:00 pm
QTT Community Center