Culture Camp Requesting Seafood Donations

The 2012 Qagan Tayagungin Tribe's Culture Camp will have a larger focus on traditional foods instruction this year than it has had in the past.  To assist in teaching traditional foods, we are asking if fishermen and hunters would be willing to donate any seafood to this years camp.  We would like to do instruction in drying fish, jarring fish, and would love to work with sea mammals (such as seal) as well if we could get our hands on one.  All seafood donations would be welcome and highly appreciated.  Species we would especially like to work with include: salmon, halibut, cod, octopus, and seal. 

Due to extremely limited amounts of freezer space available to camp, we can only accept donations during camp, from July 16th through July 25th.  If you are able to donate seafood items to the camp, please contact the Qagan Tayagungin Tribal office at 907-383-5616.