Aleut Corporation Opens Pollock Quota

The Aleut Corporation is seeking expression of interest from all pollock harvesters and processors for the recently opened Aleutian Island (AI) pollock quota.

A recent National Marine Fisheries ruling has opened the door for directed fishing of pollock in the Aleutian Island district beginning January of 2015.  This district has been closed more than 10 years. The Aleut Corporation currently (by 2014 allocations) is allocated approximately 15,000 metric tons of the Pollock quota.
The quota is unique in several aspects and all interested parties should familiarize themselves with the regulations surrounding the AI pollock fishery. All interested harvesters should see the attached information package and questionnaire.

All questionnaires must be submitted via email to by June 27, 2014. These will be used to develop a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to award the quota to successful interested parties.  

Please contact Rudy Tsukada at or call (907) 562-5444 for any additional details or clarification.