Time to Start Thinking About Culture Camp 2014

The Qagan Tayagungin Tribe has already begun working on plans for Culture Camp 2014.  If you don't live in Sand Point, are an Aleut Corporation Shareholder or descendant, and are interested in your child attending Culture Camp, you may want to start making plans now!  We encourage anyone who qualifies for a travel scholarship through the Aleut Foundation to start the process as soon as possible. 

The phone number for the Aleut Foundation in Anchorage is 646-1929.  The toll-free number for those outside of Anchorage is 1-800-232-4882, just ask to be transferred to the Foundation.  Their email address is taf@thealeutfoundation.org. 

Dates for Culture Camp haven't been set in stone yet, but it will happen in July of 2014.  We'll post as soon as they are set, but encourage those interested to contact the Aleut Foundation as soon as possible.  In the past Cynthia has said interested campers don't need the set dates to start the process, just which camp they are interested in to apply.  We'll also be communicating our dates with the Aleut Foundation when they are set.