Culture Camp 2012


Sand Point 2012 Culture Camp Report


This year, Culture Camp was held July 16 through July 26th to work around the ferry schedule, so instructors and students could travel to and from camp on the ferry.  This year we had 39 students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade and 48 students in grades fifth through twelve.   We also had 45 adults who participated in evening classes.

Sally Swetzof is the Regalia Instructor. This year six regalias were started with five of which were finished this year.  Eight regalias from years past needed to have panels and weaves added as the students have grown.  Three baby regalias were completed this year as well.  Sally also taught language and Aleut nursery rhymes to the Kindergarten through second grades.

Sharon Kay is the Basket Weaving instructor.  This year she had 28 students starting a basket with 6 baskets completed by the end of camp.

Shalene Jackson is the Bering Sea Headdress instructor.  This year she had 25 students, 23 of which completed their headdresses.

Karis Jackson and Elizabeth Chebetnoy were the Aleut Dance Instructors this year.  They had 55 students which resulted in 4 different dance groups. The third and fourth grade dance group danced and sang to two songs. Dance Group 3, which were all the students who just started the all day camp, sang and danced to four songs. Dance Group 2, the intermediate dance group, sang and danced to five different songs. Dance Group 1, the most advanced dance group, danced and sang seven songs this year.

Karis Jackson was also the Full Crown Headdress instructor.  She had a total of 16 students with 12 completing their headdresses.

Patricia Gregory and Peter Devine were the Aleut Bentwood Hat instructors this year.  They had a total of 57 wood hats and 5 baleen hats completed this year.

Teresa Smith and Peter Devine were the Traditional Food Gathers this year.  They took students out gathering and provided Octopus, Halibut, Salmon, Cod, Bidarkis and Sea Urchins.

Teresa Smith was also the Dried Fish Rack instructor.  She had students construct 26 Fish Drying Houses which were all donated to elders.

Anne Morris was the Tradition Foods instructor this year.  She worked with students to make Salmonberry Jelly, Pickled Fish, Salted Salmon, and Fish Pie, prepare Fish Roe, Octopus, Halibut, Salmon and how to cut and eat raw fish heads.

Becky Etukeok was the drum maker this year. She worked with students and adults and completed 52 drums.

The USF&WL sent Betsy to work with all students teaching Ecology and tide pooling as well as showing different plants and animals that are invasive to the island.

Merle Carlson did a few different classes this year.  She did beading, made Kuspuks and was working on a quilting with students.

Leann Mack was the Head Teacher for the Kindergarten through fourth grade.  Eileen Dushkin and Cathy Adams were her assistants who helped out with crafts and language.

Mike Livingston and Bill Shea were the Sea Kayak and Bidarka Instructors this year.  They taught students the proper use and how to get in and out of kayaks and Bidarka’s in the pool.

Jamal Berntsen was the Head Cook and Anne Morris was the assistant cook as well.

Ivy Jacobsen was the camp Photographer this year; she took pictures and videos of all camp activities this year.

This year we hired 4 students to be apprentices with our instructors.  Keomi Chrim was apprentice to the Bering Sea Headdress instructor and Dance.  Alania Kuchenoff was apprentice to Full Crown Instructor and Dance.  Marissa Williams was apprentice to Dance and helped out with all 4 dance groups.  Kleyvin Larsen was an apprentice to the Kayak and Bidarka Instructors as well as helping Sergio Porcincula set up and take down weather ports and load and unload vans of equipment needed for camp.

Eastern Aleutian Tribes donated 4 of their employees to help out in camp.  A/PIA also donated 1 of there employees.  QT Tribe donated office staff and the environmental employee to help out in camp.

The Rose Rural Human Resources also sent out 3 teachers from Anchorage to observe and participate in camp activities.

Also, Jaclyn Larsen was another volunteer that spent a lot of her time at Culture Camp for both day and night classes.

This years Culture Camp had the highest amount of students since camp started in 2000.  Camp was very successful and fun.  The Sand Point Dancers will perform at the Aleut Corporation‘s Annual meeting this year in Anchorage!


Camp Dates and times for the 2012 Culture Camp are as follows:

All campers attend Monday July 16th – Saturday July 21st the first week and Monday July 23rd thru Thursday July 26nd the second week.

5th – 12th grades 
9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. daily. We provide lunch.

3rd - 4th grades  9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon daily

Kindergarten   1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

1st - 2nd grades   3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Adults   7:00 – 9:00 p.m.