Reusable Canvas Bags: How to care for them?

The QTT Environmental Department encourages people to shop with reusable grocery bags.  Plastic bags are bad forthe environment and get consumed by both fish and birds, which ultimately kill them.

Some large cities have banned the use of plastic bags, and there has been an unexpected side effect- an increase in food-borne illnesses.  Research conducted by Loma Linda University proved that reusable grocery bags are a breeding ground for E. coli and other harmful bacteria.  The bacteria levels found in reusable bags were significant enough to cause a wide range of serious health problems, and can even lead to death.  There is a solution to this problem-the bags need to be washed after each use, which will kill the bacteria.

When using reusable bags, be careful to separate raw foods from other food products, as cross-contamination problems result from raw foods like apples that have come in contact with meat.  People should not use the reusable bags they use for food for other purposes like books or gym clothes.  If your reusable bags aren’t made of cloth, they should be wiped down with a sponge/cloth and 409 after each use.