Pop Can Flower Bouquet

Recycling Projects

There are many projects you can make from recyclable products. You can recycle plastic, paper, and metals helping to reduce the waste going into the landfill. Turning recyclable items into projects not only saves our environment, it helps to teach our children the value of preserving materials and limiting waste. It also saves you money. Instead of buying something new, you can craft it.

You can recycle fabrics or denim from old jeans into a diary or book cover, purse, cut-off shorts, and rugs. You can recycle paper into smaller pieces to make paper mache.You can recycle plastic juice bottles into piggy banks. Pop cans can be recycled into just about anything. You can make pop can bracelets, flowers, lanterns, mobiles etc. Pop cans have a wide variety of recycled uses. The QTT Environmental Department has made lanterns, flowers, and bracelets.

Recycling is something good to do because it means you are saving our planet little by little. When you recycle you are keeping harmful substances out of our landfill and keeping harm out of the way of wildlife. When we recycle we are saving lives. Many of these products will not decompose and if they are burned, they release bad air pollution. It's always a good idea to recycle!